Bharat Tea

Cameron Highlands

Bharat is the second largest tea producer in Cameron Highlands, with plantations in Tanah Rata and Tringkap that grow their signature brand 'Cameron Valley'. Its primary estate is nestled along the main road at Tanah Rata, about 2km before town or 6km after Ringlet. The plantation has two tea houses situated slightly apart from each other along the main road.

The first tea house offers a walk down the valley to a small park and waterfall, while the second tea house is housed in a larger complex with bigger parking space. Both centers feature a product shop and cafe with decks that overlook impressive views of the valley. The cafes offers some special tea blends inspired by Sri Lankan and South Indian flavours, such as Masala Chai and Cardamom Tea.

Bharat Tea was first established in 1933 under local management, cultivating raw tea leaves for processing by third parties - full production only began in 1952 with the purchase of a proper factory. Their first line of tea products were stamped with the 'Chop Rusa' brand; this later evolved into the present Cameron Valley badge marketed throughout Malaysia. Today, that each have a spizy zing.

The cafes offers an eclectic blend of continental and local food, including scones, brownies, doughnuts and cheese cakes to traditional local pastries such as curry puffs, sandwiches with spicy sardine paste filling and 'Nasi Lemak' - a light meal of rice with sambal sauce and anchovies wrapped inside a bundle of banana leaves. Bharat Tea is open daily; from 9am to as late as 6pm on busy days.