Tanah Rata

Cameron Highlands

Tanah Rata is the largest township of Cameron Highlands, located 10km north of Ringlet or 2km before Brinchang along the main road. The administrative center of this highland resort destination, Tanah Rata serves as the primary transport hub by bus between Camerons and major destinations including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Thailand.

Consequently, there are many hotels, resorts and apartments providing accommodation within town and the surrounding countryside. Its name is verbatim for 'Flat Land' - a reference to its vast and relatively even plateau meandering between the valley. Consequently, this led to the proliferation of rapid development and stronger infrastructure compared to other townships perched on steeper terrain.

At Tanah Rata, visitors may enjoy the convenience of shopping centers, convenience stores, tour counters, banks, bars, restaurants, fast food outlets and even a Starbucks. Several tourist attractions lie within the vicinity including MARDI Agropark, Bharat Tea Plantation, Night Market and various strawberry farms.

To explore the surrounding rainforest, jungle walks can be conveniently accessed from town that lead to nature attractions such as Parit Falls and mountain peaks that include Gunung Beremban (1,812m), Gunung Mentigi (1,535m), Gunung Perdah (1,551m) and Gunung Jasar (1,670m). All jungle walks are numbered and can be easily referenced from tourist maps available from shops, cafes and hotels.