KC Kwang & Sons

Cameron Highlands

KC Kwang & Sons (or Twin Diamond Plantation) is an agricultural farm that specialises in grapes and other botanical produce at Blue Valley in Kampung Raja. Nestled on 60 hectares of land, the vineyards cultivate the 'Kyoho' variety of grapes, which are sweet, succulent and large. The grapes are harvested twice a year in June and December with the bulk for export, but visitors may explore the vineyards with consent.

Besides grapes, the farm also cultivates other crops including tomatoes, pumpkins and greens that may be purchased when available. The packing factory next door is also open for observation, where a big conveyor line sorts out different crops into boxes. Open daily, the entrance lies along the main road towards Lojing/Gua Musang about 1km away from the Simpang Pulai/Kampung Raja interchange.