Country Lodge Resort


Country Lodge Resort is a budget hotel nestled on a hill slope behind Brinchang town center, accessible by a slip road that starts along the fire station after the last row of shophouses. Providing mostly family accommodation, rooms begin from Standard, Deluxe and Quad units to Family Studios and two to three bedroom apartments. Most rooms come furnished in barebone essentials, with ordinary furnishings but functional amenities, including television sets and warm water in the bathrooms. The hotel does have its own parking lot, compared to many hotels at Brinchang that lack this facility. A quick walk will take guests directly to town, where shops, restaurants and markets reside.
    Number of Rooms: 75
  • Standard (Queen/Twin Beds)
  • Deluxe (Queem/Twin Beds)
  • Quad Room (Queen + Queen Bed)
  • Family Studio (Queen + Queen + Twin Beds)
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment (Queen + Queen Bed)
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment (Queen + Queen + Twin Beds).
  • Conference hall (200 pax)
  • Restaurant (local & steamboat cuisine)
  • Free Wifi Internet access at lobby.
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