Rain Forest Inn

Bertam Valley

Rain Forest Inn is an indigenous hotel in the wilds of Bertam Valley, located at the aborigine (Orang Asli) settlement of Kampung Menson. Operated by a native family, the hotel provides a unique accommodation experience in the jungle with all its colours, smells and sounds. Guests sleep on comfortable beds nestled in bamboo huts with fresh water showers provided from a beautiful stream that meanders through the compound. Authentic and delicious ethnic meals cooked by natives can be ordered for dinner while trekking can be arranged to explore the surrounding forest and visit a magnificent waterfall. The hotel can be reached from Ringlet and is accessible for cars (paved road most of the way).
    Number of Rooms: N/A
  • Double (Queen Bed)
  • Family (Queen + Queen Bed)
  • * All rooms with breakfast.
  • Swimming pool (natural).
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