Terra's Tree House


Terra's Tree House is an indigenous-themed budget hotel hidden deep in the rainforest surroundings of Brinchang, near the farmland area of Sungai Mensun. A 4WD ride (provided by hotel) is required to reach the grounds from the main road (detour next to Time Tunnel Museum), and then, a 100-meter trek through the forest on wood-tiled track. Accommodation is provided in thatched huts of authentic Orang Asli (Aborigine) architecture, composed of bamboo, rattan and palm leaves. Each tree house is perched on stilts for a view of the jungle canopy, but come with lighting and attached bathroom. Finally, organic food is provided from the hotel's farm for guests to cook themselves breakfast and dinner.
    Number of Rooms: 6
  • Tree House (Queen Bed)
  • * All rooms with breakfast.
  • Kitchen.
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